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Build and they will come

Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce has confirmed that the National Party have negotiated a Regional Infrastructure Fund as part of their deal to support net zero emission targets.

Journalist with The Australian, Adeshola Ore, wrote ‘Mr Joyce also confirmed the Nationals negotiated a regional infrastructure fund that is due to be announced.’

This is great news for regional Australia. We need to open vast areas of our country to untapped opportunity and prosperity.

In America, since the early 1900's governments and private enterprise have built infrastructure such as roads and rail through deserts and terrain that previously was uninhabitable to the extent of not allowing for growing populations that would prosper and create a world superpower.

Build and they will come by Michael Johnsen
Opening of the Hollywood Freeway

In realising the vision of growth, cities have developed in once hostile landscapes.

With a population today around 330m, its citizens are relatively spread across the United States. Contrast that to Australia where 80 percent of our population live on or near the coast.

The pressure on all governments to meet community infrastructure needs and expectations is unrealistic.

Australia will now have the funds and policies to do the same. Our regional areas will prosper over decades and the land of the ‘fair go’ will once again come to the fore.

Michael Johnsen


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