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Greens target Newcastle residents and businesses

Households and businesses in the Newcastle local government area are being targeted by Greens Councillor John Mackenzie.

Clr Mackenzie today tweeted about banning new developments from connecting to gas, using a planning instrument called a Development Control Plan.

We are currently experiencing very cold conditions and many households use gas for heating. Many people use gas for cooking and hot water as well. Gas is used because its efficient and economical.

Clr Mackenzie was reacting to an article in the Brisbane Times and Sydney Morning Herald, that talks about how Labor designed a climate change plan to circumvent the Greens in the Senate.

Clr Mackenzie tweeted "Like switching deck chairs on the Titanic", in what was clearly an expression of frustration of the Greens being made redundant.

Michael Johnsen Opinion

When asked by a contributor to the Twitter post, "what can Newcastle do to get residents off gas in their homes?", Clr Mackenzie responded in part, "We can use changes to the Development Control Plan to ban gas connections as a first step."

Michael Johnsen Opinion

What seems to be lost on Clr Mackenzie and the Greens, is that gas is better for the environment, efficient and cost effective to households and business.

His attitude toward his ratepayers and their legal choices for heating, bathing and cooking fuel is typical of the old adage of 'all care and no responsibility'.

While the Greens say they care, they take no responsibility for, nor accountability to their constituents, while they pursue the dangerous fear mongering of climatic doom and gloom, which most of us observe in our daily lives as an attempt at political relevance by the Greens.

I've never met anyone that willingly harms the environment, yet the Greens vilify ordinary ratepayers in Newcastle as environmental vandals, hence they feel the need to ban fuels that are efficient and effective.

Many businesses rely on gas, to produce their products that households buy. Clr Mackenzie would do well to pop his head out of the Greens echo chamber and speak to a broad cross section of Newcastle residents, perhaps that may help them demonstrate they care.


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