Official Media Release

Johnsen Calls On NSW Labor To Support Working Communities in Upper Hunter

As the NSW Labor Shadow Cabinet meet in Singleton, Michael Johnsen MP, Member for Upper Hunter, Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture and for Resources, has challenged the NSW Labor Party to support the prohibition of foreign development considerations (scope 3 emissions) in the NSW Planning process.

Mr Johnsen said that given the importance of mining and infrastructure development to working families and communities in Upper Hunter that  NSW Labor must step up to the mark and formerly support the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Territorial Limits) Bill.

“The object of this Bill is to formally prohibit the imposition of conditions of a development consent in the planning process that that takes into account developments occurring outside Australia or any impact of that foreign development,” Mr Johnsen said.

“The NSW Coalition Government introduced this common-sense bill to ensure that the interests of working communities and families were in no way disadvantaged in the planning process, let alone by events beyond our shores.

“I join with many in our community in wondering why decisions made by foreign governments and companies should in anyway afflict our communities in Upper Hunter and beyond, as Labor seem to think they should?”

“Working families in our area should not be disadvantaged because bureaucrats and activists think  decisions made overseas should trump local development applications infrastructure building.”

Mr Johnsen said NSW Labor Shadow Cabinet should follow the CFMEU, and back the bill.

“Given the CFMEU supports the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Territorial Limits) Bill 2019, the question now is, will Labor stand with the CFMEU and coal mining workers, or will we see NSW Labor turn their back on coal jobs, once and for all?’ Mr Johnsen asked.

“I always say that our Upper Hunter Electorate is home to world class mines, wines, bovines and equines, so I am always delighted to welcome people to our area, but if Labor think they can briefly visit and avoid the issues, then they are thoroughly mistaken.”

“It is time Jodi Mackay and her team were fair dinkum about their support for local mining communities and working families in Upper Hunter then they should support my proposal without hesitation.”

“Consistency matters in politics, not wishy-washy rhetoric, but that is all Ms Mackay offers our local communities.”

“Should NSW Labor fail to show their support for mining jobs, we can only assume today’s Shadow Cabinet meeting was nothing more than a political stunt,” Mr Johnsen concluded.