Official Media Release

Energy Opinion Piece by Michael Johnsen MP, Member for Upper Hunter

NSW energy consumers don’t have the luxury of meeting emission reduction targets that are nothing more than a figment of leftist ideologue’s imagination, in the context of the contribution some scientists say Australians make, to our global environment.

The cost of electricity and gas to our family homes and businesses and the enormous increases we have all seen, has everything to do with Federal government policy mostly and partially, State government policy on so called man made climate change.

While business suffers, government puts jobs at risk. While families suffer, our total community suffers. The cost of energy is simply way too high because government has dithered and not been strong enough on what are its real priorities, people.

Providing families with a $500 rebate on energy is, quite frankly, an insult. It’s like putting a band aid on an ever expanding cut. We need to treat the cut not pretend to cover it up. Sure, $500 helps in the short term but that’s it.

We need to stop pandering to ideology and the virtue signalling of those people who, quite frankly, demonstrate nothing but hypocrisy. We all hear and read it, ‘stop mining, stop using fossil fuels’ etc.etc., yet those same people want bitumen sealed roads, steel cars, steel and timber homes, mobile phones and, wow, where do I stop? All the standard life items those people want require fossil fuels to be harvested and used.

We need to be forthright in promoting the building of High Energy Low Emission (HELE) coal fired power stations. We also need to be just as forthright in opening up our gas reserves for both power generation and direct supply, particularly to those businesses that use huge quantities of gas such as abattoirs, you know, that place that kills the beasts to allow people to buy meat on neatly packaged trays in the supermarket that masks the reality of where food comes from.

Renewable energy generation sounds all clean and green in theory yet, it’s not. It all needs fossil fuels to build and maintain.

The best thing our State government can do is drop this ridiculous notion of so called ‘zero emissions’ targets and get on with being real, facing facts and caring about our communities.

If we want to keep the cost of living lower, maintain our strong economy, provide energy security and protect jobs and lifestyles, get off the leftist bandwagon and get on with building HELE coal fired & gas fired power stations we can rely on and still provide reasonable returns for our future.