Official Media Release

A Message on Donations in Disasters

Following a disaster, our spirit of generosity and desire to help those impacted is a wonderful thing.

However, we need to be careful that we only donate things that are actually needed by our impacted communities.

Locals are already doing what they do best and looking after people around them who have been hit by these horrific fires. NSW Government agencies along with charity partners and local community organisations are helping to provide emergency shelter, food and water.

The best way to help our impacted communities is to donate money to one of the many charities or appeals that have been established.

Money gives people the choice to buy things they need and support local businesses that have also been impacted.

Please do not donate physical goods such as toys, furniture and clothes at this time. They are usually not needed, and fill up local community spaces while taking volunteers away from other important tasks.

If you have unwanted physical goods please consider selling them and donating the proceeds instead.

Red Cross
Salvation Army

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