• Michael Johnsen


I have been formally cleared of a sexual assault allegation by the NSW Police with no further action to occur against me.

I have been vindicated. I am innocent. As stated all along.

Unlike my accuser, I will not name her. However, I will be forced to ask NSW Police to investigate her for using a carriage service to make threats, making false allegations, revenge distribution of private material and press any charges accordingly, should she repeat her claims publically.

I hope this is not required as it could be very harmful to her given, under court orders arising from recent criminal convictions in progress at the time of Trish Doyle MP’s 24 March 2021 speech, she is also required to undergo treatment as directed for mental health issues.

For Trish Doyle MP and Jodi McKay MP to use this woman for political purposes is shameful.

Despite having access to an enormous amount of public information that questioned the motives of my accuser, her troubled history, and her facing charges for these offences at the time, both Trish Doyle MP and Jodi McKay MP chose to ignore these facts to pursue a political attack on me in the Parliament where my name was leaked to media very soon after the speech.

This leaking forced me, against the wishes of my family, to self-identify to uphold my Oath of Allegiance to the people of New South Wales and enable the Berejikilian Government to remain focussed on governing the state through the pandemic.

The Member for Blue Mountains has recklessly and maliciously, without enquiring into the facts of the matter, abused Parliamentary Privilege and should immediately publicly apologise to myself, my partner, my family and to the NSW Parliament. And, ultimately, consider her position as an MP untenable as she has mislead the House and should be expelled.

Together the actions of ABC, Trish Doyle MP and Jodi McKay MP have caused immense anguish and stress to myself, my partner and my family and irreparable damage to us emotionally and financially. They have destroyed my career and sullied my reputation, changed the democratically elected representative of an electorate mid-cycle in an unwanted by-election and, endangered a constituent and her child with a possible police investigation that could amount to a prison sentence.

I will respond to the actions of the ABC in due course.

I now call on the House to take swift action and initiate an Independent Inquiry into the actions and performance of both Trish Doyle MP and Jodi McKay MP and the public trust placed in them to perform their parliamentary duties with honesty and integrity, respecting the law, the institution and conventions of Parliament. Or a motion for a debate for expulsion for contempt of the House and referral to the Attorney General to consider for prosecution under common law.

I will have more to say on this in the near future.

Swift and appropriate action by the House will ensure such abuse of Privilege never happens again and provide strong future deterrent for any Member considering it.

It may not assist my employment or financial situation but, if it prevents the possibility such an abuse of Privilege from ever happening in the future, I will find solace in knowing that some good came from this disgraceful incident.

Michael Johnsen and his partner, Karla
Michael Johnsen and partner, Karla